Latest News

2018-06-16: In the meantime many OpenVarios have become airborne! Look at our Cockpit Foto Gallery here and at the XCSoar forum.

2018-03-03: Stefan has provided all neccessary details for building a new input device: the Dual Concentric Rotary Encoder. More information can be found in the XCSoar forum: Thank you Stefan!

2018-01-12: Happy new year to all OpenVario-Builders! The community seems to work well. In the meantime our XCSoar-Forum has grown to 42 topics with 1290 replies! Remarkable!

2017-12-18: There is new progress with rotary encoders for the OpenVario-Project. Have a look at our XCSoar-Forum . Thanks folks for sharing your design ideas with the community!

2017-10-04: The OpenVario-Project progresses in several ways: John succeeded with implementing fundamental steps of an artificial horizon based on the MPU-9150. Here is a short video snippet: And we have another promising prototype work for the external gauge with OLED display and stepper motor: Thanks a lot for your work!

2017-06-19: The OpenVario-Subthread in the XCSoar forum has grown a lot. Therefore we have now our own OpenVario-Thread to simplify navigation. Old links to existing topics are still working.

2017-05-03: The OpenVario is now able to remote control 8.33 kHz radios, e.g. the KRT2, check out the recent images for XCSoar and LK8000. More information coming soon…

2017-03-06: OpenVario users being interested in the adaption progress of LK8000 can find up-to date infos on the LK8000 Forum.

2017-02-19: The first tests with LK8000 software running on the OpenVario have been very successful. Although there is a lot of detail work to do, the results are very promising. Thank you Bruno and the LK8000 developer team!

2017-01-23: We have now the choice of three input devices: Dual Rotary Encoder with Pushbuttons, Remote Stick and Touchscreen

2016-11-13: Complete OpenVario-Kits are available now. Assembly can be done within two hours. Stefan is offering an OV-workshop in southern Germany. More information:

2016-11-05: We have simplified the navigation on our website with a kind of Sitemap. Now you can access any available topic directly …

2016-10-13: Stefan has made a great video-tutorial, which shows the making of a 3-D printed remote stick covered with leather. Really cool… More videos are coming soon. Thank you Stefan!

2016-10-03: The OpenVario community is growing continuosly! We are almost 70 builders now. Welcome everybody and please do not forget to update your build-status from time to time.

2016-08-30: We have a lot of new information on our website. Check out our brand new Setup Guide, the Advanced Topics, Audio Vario / Speed to Fly and last but not least: Errata

2016-07-17: Battery Voltage Indication is now available. Have a look at the XCSoar Forum to read the details.

2016-05-28: Progress in Australia. Welcome Justin!

2016-05-27: We are looking for fotos of OpenVario installation examples to build a gallery on All builders having OpenVario cockpit fotos are welcome to send their pictures by e-mail to Thanks a lot!

2016-04-20: We just released a new stable image (16108) . Check out the latest one for your variant here!

2016-03-16: The Openvario community keeps growing. Welcome Lothar!

2016-03-11: 50 builders! Welcome : Cezariusz, and Quang.

2016-03-03: The website has a new page: Touchscreen and some new builders joined us, welcome Haluk, Jean-Pierre, Urs, Dirk and Bob! Who will be builder number 50?

2016-01-23: We have a new project: FLARM Antenna with improved directivity and some new pages, e.g. the variants or the aluminium housing parts, the page mechanics has been revised somewhat. Check it out…

2016-01-15: The community is growing! Welcome : Nikola, and Moret.

2015-12-18: Winter time is building time: Welcome four new builders: Lukas, Jim, Jonathan, and Harald.

2015-12-16: The OpenVario website comes with lots of new pages, e.g. about Electrical Tests for all boards, Variod, Sensord, OV-Menu and more…

2015-11-16: Welcome to our first Slovenian builder Manuel!

2015-10-01: OpenVario Protocol Specification 1.2 released !

2015-09-26: Welcome to Felix, who just started his project!

2015-09-16: Dieter made a 3D-model of the mechanical components of Openvario using FreeCad. It may be helpful for milling or 3D-printing or just to export *.step or *.iges files for other applications. You can find more information about FreeCad under: Many thanks to Dieter!

2015-09-06: Builder number 35! Welcome Florian!

2015-09-05: Welcome to Felix, so far the latest who joined the brave band of OV builders!

2015-08-22: Welcome two new builders: Jindřich, and Willy!

2015-07-23: features Openvario on their web page: Big thanks to Bernd Hennig!

2015-06-28: The German “Segelfliegen Magazin” features a full three pages article about Openvario

2015-05-04: Builder No. 30: The first builder from France: Jean-Paul joined us. Bienvenue!

2015-05-01: Welcome to Torsten who will build a 5.7“ Variant of the Openvario

2015-03-31: Let's welcome a new builder: Nicholas

2015-03-17: Tamás created a 3D PDF of the 7” Openvario to help fellow builders visualize housing and assembly - thanks a lot!

2015-03-15: More than 4000 views on the OV thread in the XCSoar Forum

2015-03-12: Haldor's OV is alive. Congratulations!

2015-02-20: Eggert has a nice blog about his OV project. Check it out at

2015-02-18: Klaus' blog is featured at the luftpiraten site

2015-02-09: Klaus Burkhard started a blog about Openvario at his well-known website at Thanks for spreading the word!